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Operation Black Sheep

Operation Black Sheep is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans as well as restoring history. Muskegon is the perfect place for these boats to call home due to the vast lake frontage and beauty that only Michigan holds. We are also working with LST 393 which is one of two remaining ships of its kind in the US. 


2.7 Million men and woman served during the Vietnam war and 58,202 were killed in action. Our mission is to celebrate those who came home. While it is honorable to mourn those we have lost, we often overlook the living.

Operation Black Sheep offers a meaningful and engaging experience that recognizes the sacrifices, courage, and valor of all military veterans. It fosters a thorough understanding of the Vietnam Era; including, the political, historical, social, cultural and military aspects of the Vietnam War.  By maintaining and preserving the Mark II Patrol Boat River (PBR) in operational condition, it will allow people (both military and civilian) to experience firsthand the thrill of riding on an operational PBR. We will strive to preserve the legacy and history of the Brown Water Navy of Vietnam. This will be open to the public so everyone can have the opportunity to ride on a unique piece of Vietnam history.  However, each month specific dates will be reserved for veterans to take a ride and leave their ill feelings behind with the river.  By riding, touching and experiencing, one of the few remaining PBRs, veterans suffering from PTSD will find peace and comfort on the lake aboard our PBR. 

Why do we call this Non-Profit Organization Operation Black Sheep, you ask? When veterans go to war and come home, we are different. Sometimes it is for the good; but, often times, things that were once easy become a struggle. We are changed because of the realities of war, and sometimes feel like the general population does not understand us.  Service members can be made to feel like the black sheep of the community. It is our goal to promote a sense of belonging, respect, and brotherhood among veterans and the general public alike.  

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