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Ukraine Refugee - Afterhills Foundation

We, AFTERHILLS Association, are specialized in supporting the organization of Major Cultural & Artistic Events, and we collaborate with the City Hall of Iasi, ISU – Inspectorate for Emergency Situations „Mihail Sturdza”, FONTISS – Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations for Social Services and other NGOs to involve all our know-how in logistics and management for large flows of people in the Regional Technological Center of Iasi, in order to obtain the best possible conditions of accommodation or transit for foreigners who are in special situations due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Ukraine Flag

As time goes on and we interacted with more refugees, we learned about they needs. 

In our Center are two types of refugees:

- the one that are in transit, the stay here for a few days

- the ones that are no were to go and they have to stay here for indeterminate time. 


We host over one hundred persons, from one month old babies to over 70 years old. (We have a capacity of 240, that can be extended if needed). Lots of them have health problems, from fever, to oncological treatment, from mental disorders to surgical problems. We had situations with refugees who died in the hospital and we have to organize the funerals.


The donations do not cover o lot off the products/services they need:

- medicines for paranoia, cancer treatment, diabetes, etc.. 

- transport to hospital 

- cost with funerals

- mothers that need to go out and give their children treats

- dental interventions

- therapy services

- clothes for every age and type of body (the donations do not cover all). 


In the future, in order to offer them a good life here, we plan to organize Romanian language courses to ensure their inclusion on the labor market and their adaptation in our society. We have to find jobs for them to ensure their long-term living. 

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