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Frontlines for Freedom

Award winning two hour weekly show.  Military news and talk radio. 


“I am addicted to your show.” – Colonel Ric M.

While most P1s love military related stuff, Frontlines of Freedom draws a wide cross-section of listeners, most who never served and want to learn more about the greatest military in the history of the world and what is being done for our veterans. The stories, the valor, the support programs, the life & death dramas unfolding before our eyes… it’s all here. Frontlines is driving listeners and revenue to our current affiliates, and we would like to do the same for you.

  • On air 13+ years, nationally syndicated since May 2012

  • On 175 stations across America & Guam… and growing fast!

  • KNTH/Houston, WWRC/DC, WGKA/Atlanta, KTTH/Seattle, WDTK/Detroit, KDFD/Denver, KOKC/OKC, KJCE/Austin, KURV/McAllen, WOOD/Grand Rapids, WVLK/Lexington, & many more!

  • A-list newsmakers

  • Hosted & produced by military veterans & news/talk radio producers

  • Affiliate friendly agreement & support

  • Weekly giveaways for listeners

  • Custom affiliate production (spots, liners & promos)

  • Weekly :30 show promo & Minute with The Colonel feature

  • Custom local sales materials to help monetize the show

  • Free endorsement reads, and no talent fee market visits

  • Counts toward “Community Service” programming

  • Show summary sheets provided for your FCC Public File

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